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Prevail Racing

Prevail Racing Accomplishments

Race Across the West

Mid Atlantic 24

2023- 3rd place overall and 1st place 60-69 age group/ 358 miles

2022- 3rd place overall and 1st place in 60-69 age group/ 381 mile

2021- 3rd place overall and 1st place in 50-59 age group/ 347 miles

2019- 2nd place in the 50-59 age group / 338 miles

Natchez Trace 444

2022- 2-person relay (Mike Phillips and Adam Ashwill)
1st place 2-person relay and 1st place overall. 20:09 hours

Psycho 48

2022- 12hour race- 1st in age group 60-69 and 5th place overall. 228 miles

Bike Sebring 24 hour

2022- 2nd place in 60-65 age group. 372 miles.

Bessies Creek Coastal 511

2021- 4th overall male/ 1st place male 55-59 age group.

24 hour World Championship

2021 VWTTC Finisher- 378.1 miles 9th place in age group
2019 Finisher- 320.4 miles
2018 Finisher- 343.2 miles
2017 Finisher- 297.5 miles

Bike Sebring 24 hour. Feb.,

2020 - 2nd place in 55-59 age group
2019- Finisher
2017- Finisher

World Ultra Cycling Association

2020 Winner 50-59 age group in 24 Hour TT Challenge
2019 Overall Champion Male in 24 Hour TT Challenge
2019 Overall 50-59 age group mal in 24 Hour TT Challenge
2017 2nd Place 50-59 age group male 24 Hour TT Challenge

Virtual Race Across the West

2020- 92 hours- 700 miles

VR24- Virtual 24 hour event

2020- 308.2 mile

Maryland 12 Hour National Championship

2019- Finisher- 188.5 miles
2018- Finisher- 174.9 miles

Bessie’s Creek 24 hour

2018 Finisher
2017 Finisher

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We Need Your Support

We Need Your Support

I have been told many times...
You inspired me to take the first step towards [sic] bettering myself and my life.

Michael’s launch into ultra-cycling was not planned. It started out as a desperate desire to move from a place of illness to a place of wellness. When he first started cycling, he had never even heard of ultra-cycling and would have considered anyone who wanted to ride a bike for 24+ hours totally insane! He started just to get a little exercise, but it has turned into so much more. Michael’s journey and testimony are quite inspiring, and you will come to understand the name “Prevail” Racing.

In 2006, Michael’s health suddenly changed, and he was first diagnosed with prostatitis. He was treated with strong antibiotics for over a year, but the symptoms continued. In 2007 he saw a specialist and they found a 2 ½” cancerous tumor in his bladder. Within days he went to the operating room to have this tumor removed, and a 2-year fight against this scourge began. The cancer kept coming back, with more tumors being removed every 3 to 6 months. During this time, Michael’s doctor spoke to him about eating better or exercising. Michael had smoked cigarettes for 14 years in his teens and twenties and was told this was the source of the cancer.

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Prevail Racing
Prevail Racing
Prevail Racing
Prevail Racing